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RE/MAX Diamond

I love meeting people in general specially either over the phone or at the open house. Most of us never met

before and starting at one time some become friends for life time some never see each other again. I do value

meeting people the most. As I love this job I try to do the best I can for all my clients.

Area: Orange County CA & Diamond Bar, Chino Hills area CA
If you have any questions about
* Area
* School
* Getting a loan (100% success ratio), There is no loan I have not finished
* Things that you need to know to buying or selling homes
* How to get the good property with the lowest possible price
* How to get the Short sale or REO with the best price
* Analysis of how much it will cost to repair or improve (I have teams who can do cheaper and guaranteed work

for any need: painting, flooring, roofing, plumbing, electric, fence...)
* Process of Escrow
* Any tax, financial information sharing (Even though I am no position to give any legal advice I can share what I know)

I am here to help you with great experience with the background of BS in Math & Computer Science, MS in Computer

Science, and three years of Ph.D. in Computer Science. I do the best of what I do and I try to improve always. I

have been #1 every year among 360 agents in my company.

I do take care of most of my client's need.
I have total confidence that you will be happy to know me from now on. It is the first step that makes whole difference.

RE/MAX Diamond 6056 Beach Blvd. Buena Park CA 90621 714 566 5553
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